You will never want to come down from these Attics.

The attic room was a place that kept very little unused items. In horror movies, it was also where bogeyman rested and regrouped. Perhaps as a result of this media description, I tended to avoid going up into the attic as much as possible.

However, the landlord realizes that the attic can provide a lot of available square photos, creates a new place to play, play, work, play, and do nothing.

“As to the use of the attic space, we have found that many people are going to the next level and have the opportunity to add a second story, then turn it into a parent resort with master bedroom, living room and bathroom.” “Says Matt Keogh, director of the Nexus Homes Group. Below are some ways to transform a loft.

Luxurious bedroom

“If purely for investment purposes, we encourage you to use the loft as a full bedroom,” Keogh recommends. “Having an extra bedroom can add value to your home and increase rental income or sales prices,” he says. Parents may find that the attic basement can retreat from noisy homes.

Library / living room

“For lofts with sloped ceilings, please install a large luminaire at the highest point in the room,” says Steve Brielmaier, Chief Executive Officer of LampsUSA. As many light bulbs are on, heat can be generated, so install an LED light bulb to add energy while reducing energy consumption. Except for central lighting in the middle of the room, you will need to add additional lighting to the dark corners to help make the room larger and smaller.


“The home office in the loft with its tranquil windows can be a peaceful retreat suitable for families with children or roommates,” says Brian Gow, president of Scheel Window & Door. “We welcome more people by complementing the space with ample free space and adding bright decorations and wall paint.”

Hobby Room / Studio

If you need space for painting or hobbies, inscribe space in the attic. Make sure the attic is light and airy. “Attics is known to be quite dark, with minor modifications that will turn the rooftop into a space where members of the family can enjoy it,” Keogh says. “Keep the furniture light and install a light colored carpet or floorboard (a carpet is desirable to reduce noise).”

Children’s Room

Karen Snyder of Sanctuary Home decided to change the attic of her family into a two-story room for children. “The attic is the most popular space on our Montana ranch and gives kids (and sometimes adults) an opportunity to escape to a modern ‘camp hut’.”

Snyder has three single beds on one wall, cubby and electric lantern in one bookcase. “There are two large beds on the opposite wall,” she says. “The other side of the room is a hangout space with a cozy sofa, plus an extra bed, a game table and a desk.” Snyder says that all beds and walls were built using locally produced barns.

Playroom / Gameroom

Keogh said his company should frequently switch from an existing attic to a playroom or game room for teenagers. “This includes flooring, walls and roofs to make sure the area is safe, and creating a warm and inviting space with carpets and large windows,” Keogh says. “It is essential to have enough storage space. We also often recommend adding a folding sofa to keep your kids from sleeping with your friends, which is a fun experience for them and you get extra peace and quiet. “

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