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The kitchen is one of the most commonly refurbished spaces in the house and is also one of the most expensive spaces. Therefore, it is important to review all the options before working on any size project. You can get kitchen ideas and tips from the beginning to the end even if you just sketch the design of the space of your dreams and plan to make a big remodeling.

There are not two same kitchens. Everything is big and not overflowing with natural light and the original hardwood flooring, but some of the same guiding principles apply regardless of how your space looks. The kitchen remodeling cost more than $ 50,000 on average, and the high return on investment means that you need to make the space intentional. It is bright, clean and classic.

A good place to start when approaching the renovation of the kitchen is to ask yourself what you want to do outside the room and why you want to change it in the first place. Do you have an outdated kitchen that requires an overall review? Is the document the latest one and needs updating? Can you do it yourself? Are you looking for a simple solution to breathe new lives into your space? Once you find a problem in the kitchen, decide the budget and decide whether to work yourself or hire a contractor.

In the latter case, if you look at the seven important hints to hire a contractor, even if you use that method, you would like to be able to express your kitchen design idea clearly from the floor to the wall . Please be aware of these 10 things you should not be informed about things like building standards and permits before starting the kitchen remodeling, or other type of big project of your home. Especially in the kitchen, please do not make 10 remodeling mistakes that ignore lighting and ventilation, or waste storage space, considering details.

We will divide all the elements of renovation into smaller pieces, help you to organize the best kitchen ideas and create the best kitchen.

Color scheme

Different types of paints are on the market, so choosing colors and colors is overwhelming. Generally speaking, white and off-white are the most popular kitchen color ideas according to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association. The good news is that the paint color is easy to change. Therefore, when using bold walls, using paint is better than tiles (expensive and difficult to replace). First of all, here are the 10 things to consider when considering the color of the kitchen (and never painted before checking our primer on what you know) . Warm colors like red are thought to stimulate appetite, but white offers fresh and aesthetic things. Choosing a single color palette is to determine the overall color scheme based on one main color.

Since it is sometimes difficult to create a design with a coherent color and texture from the floor to the ceiling, select all white kitchens to simplify the design process. Almost all the materials are whitened (and white appliances are now being updated and returning to their original style) and we examine our favorite 50 white kitchen ideas to get inspiration. If you are completely in the fence about the white kitchen browse our list of simple hints to impress us when using white in your space.


The cabinet will occupy up to a third of the renovation budget on average. They are elements with a strong impact on the design, and there is a possibility of fixing the space really. Exchanging all the cabinets gives you a large return on investment, but doing so can be very expensive. There are other ways to improve the cabinet by adding lighting, new hardware, or fresh paint. From refining to replacement, we gathered the ideas of various kitchen cabinets for a budget friendly way to breathe life into a more modern style into the old cabinet.


There are many different considerations when it comes to choosing materials for your kitchen floor. Does space get a lot of traffic? Is your budget tight? Please consider tips for choosing the right material for the floor. Hardwood flooring provides desirable classic appearance, but can be replicated by a laminate that is a much cheaper alternative. There are many different advantages and disadvantages to consider when making decisions between laminates and hardwoods. The main advantage is that laminates are up to 50% cheaper than hardwoods. Especially materials such as cork and bamboo are economically friendly kitchen floor ideas suitable for green design.

Counter Top

Like flooring, picking a kitchen counter top is based on many different factors, from look and feel to cost and maintenance. Various materials such as granite, marble, glass, stainless steel, artificial crystal etc can be used for counter top. Tiles can be used in a variety of places – from backsplash to counters – and we have 6 tips for choosing the best tile application for your kitchen. From classical to vague things, about tutorial materials on materials, please read our guide to the kitchen counter material which tends to be 10.


Including an island in your kitchen renovation is a great advantage in securing resale value. According to a recent survey, 70% of purchasers want the island in their kitchen, 50% think that it is an essential item. Having kitchen island has many benefits, from additional seating and grocery cooking places to additional storage spaces. Because kitchen island is a smart element in any kitchen design, you can see the idea of ​​60 kitchen islands from the integration of the appliance to the use of the ceiling space above.

As a rule of thumb, allow at least 36 – 48 inches of room between the perimeter of the island and the surrounding cabinets to ensure enough space for people to move. If you do not know what you want, please visit the kitchen island’s 30 favorite modern take.

Back splash

The back splash connects the countertop and the cabinet so it is a good place to connect the two main elements of the design. There is no need to have it, but when you do dishwashing or dishwashing, the wall inevitably becomes dirty, so the back splash helps cleanliness. Almost any kind of material can be used for the rear splash if it is properly sealed from classical and versatile subway tiles to modern stainless steel and from hard glass to natural stone. There are various options, but here is our favorite kitchen backsplash idea 14.


The storage space of the kitchen seems to be a secondary consideration until you think about all foods, dishes, pots and pans, and rarely used instruments that need storage space when not in use. Fortunately, there are places to sneak a functional storage space into the kitchen pantry, a way to make kitchen storage more efficient, and ideas for laying out the kitchen for the best workflow. And the easiest way to make the room wider from time to time is to keep the countertop cluttered and cluttered. Then you will have space to use for food preparation.

Decorate with budget

If full refurbishment is not your price range then refurbishing then is one way to breathe new life into space without spending a small amount of money. Bright and bright rooms are felt widely, painting walls and exchanging lighting elements is an inexpensive way to make a big impact. If you can not afford to replace big things like a cabinet, you can paint or reinstall them to fit your new design, or another way to update your home without major refurbishment Please check. And if you can not choose to change other elements like counter tops or floors, think about removing old appliances and replacing them with shiny stainless steel or modern white ones. There are many ways to decorate with a small budget, such as using stylish ceramic tiles instead of marble, and to create a luxury kitchen with a small price.

Other creative options for refreshing your kitchen include displaying private personal decorative items like cookbooks and photos or opening up space by killing one or two walls I will. Another cheap way to make a noticeable difference is to switch the drawers and cabinet hardware. The walls of the kitchen occupy a lot of real estate in the room, making it cheaply change is a place where you can make a big difference. For the inspiration that you can apply to your own space, look at the idea of ​​our five favorite wall decorations, from the wall of the blackboard to the shelf that opened it.


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