This tub will want you to get soaked for hours.

Most people prefer to shower, but there is something to dip into a fully healed tub. You can sit and sit in the tub and take a break when taking a shower. If you are submerged in water, you can actually relax your stress and soothe aching muscles. And when you add a bubble bath – that’s another level of relaxation.

Bathtubs can change your mind if you shower. Here is something you should know.

Most popular baths

According to the 2018 Design Trend report of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 87% of professionals (designers, remodeling, architects, merchants and manufacturers) state that they prefer self-contained tubs. White is the dominant fixture color and 78% of respondents selected silver / gray or beige tone or better.

Get a room with view

The spectacular baths allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature while being locked in one of the most valuable resources in the world.

Using natural light and materials

Even if you can not see the spectacular scenery, natural light makes your time to soak up your body more enjoyable. However, be careful that the bathhouse is not visible to your neighbors.

Consider practicality
“Everyone loves a beautiful and original bathtub, and now it’s one of the most commonly required items for master bathroom renovations,” says Mina Fies, founder of Renovation Roadmap and founder of Synergy Design & Construction.

However, she says bathtubs should not be said to be beautiful – bathtubs should also be used. “Good design considers usage. This independent Victorian + Albert bathtub is made of volcanic limestone and is a beautiful focus and haven for relaxation,” she says. “The linear walls highlighted by glass and stone mosaic tiles add a convenient place to store bath necessities or a glass of wine.”

Carefully choose flooring

The bathtub is heavy, and when it is full of water and weight, it is heavier and gives a lot of weight to the floor. Proper floor joists and frames can damage the floor by preventing the floor from sagging and can be costly to repair or replace.

It also requires flooring that is durable (such as tiles) that is water resistant (and water-good).

Consider hot water requirements

Jarret Acevedo Plumber and owner Jarret Acevedo says: “The biggest mistake people get in a dream bath finally is overlooking whether the current hot water system can produce enough hot water to fill some of these bathtubs and heating.” Qualified plumbers always come in and size the system To make sure that it meets the requirements of the new bathtub. Otherwise, you are doing a lot of cold showers and bathing. ”

Water conservation

You can put a lot of water in the tub and try to fill it with as much water as possible. This may sound comfortable, but it wastes a lot of water. San Diego City’s Water Conservation City recommends a shallow tub that does not actually fill the tub more than three inches of water. You probably will not do that, but you should try to conserve water. This saves water and electricity.

Management and cleaning

“Many landlords are concerned about the necessary maintenance and cleaning in difficult areas behind the tub,” Fies says. “But it has an independent design, but it actually comes in the market with a new design that is easy to clean because it is attached to the wall.”

A soft, moist sponge or cloth and a small amount of dishwashing liquid are sufficient to clean the bathtub. Scratch or chip the finish using a brush, steel wool, refining pad, or other abrasive material.

Resale value

Julia B. Fee in Scarsdale, New York According to Jennifer Baldinger, a real estate agent at Sotheby’s International Realty, “Bathtubs are one of the things a buyer wants, but they are rarely used once they are used.” Baldinger sellers surely have a bathtub for resale value. “I do not know who is right or wrong, but the new bathtub is beautiful even in the bathroom.”

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