Home Office ideas for your most productive space

Workplace distractions, office congestion, and most importantly saving commuting time, people who can accomplish their work online without leaving home are generally happy and productive. Also, no one will judge whether he stayed in pajamas after 10:00 am and what he ate for lunch. Bonus.

However, to enter productive working hours you need space to make it possible.

If you do not like the space where you are working, to be honest it will be difficult to get there. In the first place, we all know that it is difficult to finish the work in the first place.

Find the correct space

Choosing the right space for your office in your home may seem not easy, but it takes a bit of time to consider all the options. It may seem obvious to use a minimum or minimum usage bedroom, but is it a better choice for larger, brighter guest bedrooms? If guests with low frequency of use live together with you, can the room bear dual obligation?

If you have the luxury of a large house, it is also important to consider whether you are in a high traffic area. A room away from the living room is a good choice if you concentrate while being surrounded by noise and activities. For a quiet person, a spare bedroom in the hallway should provide more peace and loneliness.

I am ready

Silverware can not enter the laundry room, so do not count as office completed, until the pen, paper, envelope, and important charger are full. It’s small that you have to go looking for something in the day.

But do not forget to take a break for a moment. There is no reason to pack your lunch?

Incorporate natural light

Human beings are programmed to be happy when exposed to natural light (and hopefully productivity goes up). Take any window space you have and highlight it in your head office layout. If there is room in the space, break the cubicle standard and float from the desk to a place parallel to the desk and window. You can enjoy the scenery without dealing with glare.

And artificial

Windows in the world can not obtain sufficient brightness even when the outside gets dark, so do not overlook the atmosphere and practicality of accent lighting. This is also a great opportunity to decorate your office with lighting decoration. By adding task lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, you can create various atmospheres. Even a so fast riser is happening in front of the sun, which is ideal for work in winter.

Keep things in a way to keep things

One of the most wonderful things about working at home office is that the metal filing cabinet issued by the company is not jumping to your workspace. However, there is still a place to keep important documents. Please find a chic but practical storage solution. A shelf of a magazine is suitable for those who want to keep the documents vertical. If you are a paper stacker like me, simple bins keep piles somewhat organized and looking intentionally.

To ease

Pinterest is best for office inspiration, but most of what you see is taken with salt grains. At the end of the day, the function should far exceed the format. There is nothing clearly speaking to this as much as choosing a desk chair. You do not have to go to bulky black leather, but you should ensure that your choice will provide great back support and promote good posture – chic plastic or wooden chair will do it for this job I do not intend to cut it.

Let’s save the neck by keeping the top of the computer at eye level. While looking down at the screen a little, close the lid to heal tiredness. There are plenty of stylish options for your monitor and laptop stand that you will boost as you need.

Go to the green

It is a secret that one or two plants can make a big difference in any room in your house. Choose some low maintenance plants to flourish in your office environment. Succulents are usually a safe choice, but also classical things such as snakes and rubber plants.

Are you a habitual flower buyer? Take some out of the table bouquet in the dining room and add them to your vase on or near your desk.


Sweat pants are official apparel for teleworking, right? However, improving comfort is not limited to clothes and desk chairs. If the office space is large enough, consider adding a reading chair or daybed to make a phone call or take a break.

If you are expecting visitors to your office, please also specify a space for them. Do you choose a more informal setting as above, or will you continue to use a simple chair that faces the desk space? In any case, setting up your office to accommodate both you and those you invite to your office requires thinking about how you should use the space.

Make it yours

It does not mean that your home office should be without personal intervention just because you are at home. Pictures of your family, inspiring quotes and artworks, and meaningful accessories can make your office more friendly and your own.

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