Five advanced modern ways to decorate your mind

Hearts are a common theme surrounding Valentine’s Day, but you can easily take the risk of stickiness. For example, you can see many Valentine’s Day decor designs featuring bright pink paper hearts suitable for elementary school classrooms or children’s rooms. But if you want to bring your decorating to a higher level, here are some high-level ways to incorporate your mind into a decorative style. Also, the great thing about many of these designs is that they do not have to be on Valentine’s Day alone. If you do it carefully, you can decorate with your heart throughout the year.

Using frames to decorate with hearts
Art collage is a great way to express any shape in your home. In the photo above, you can see that the little art theme collage is a good way to decorate with hearts. This heart is more daring, but work freely using muted neutral to give it a modern feel. Another idea is to use a small accent of hot pink to make it subtle and fun.

For a more funky and modern look, you can experiment with gallery wall styles using randomly sized frames. You can also hang this design throughout the year, or you could easily hang it and lower it around Valentine’s Day.

Move to natural texture
Another idea to decorate with a heart is to focus on the texture. For example, in the photo above, you can see a sticky heart with a texture on the wall.

By focusing on different textures like this, you can incorporate your mind into any style. For example, metal heart can be suitable for industrial themes. Lace Heart Wall hanging Victorian theme can be tailored. Distressed wooden heart can be suitable for country or other rustic subject. A basic outline of a neutral color heart can be suitable for a minimalist or modern home. And I can work all year round.

Creating with tiles
Speaking of ideas for the year-round design, the key to the picture above is definitely a permanent fixture. The red heart on a dark background also maintains a design that looks bold. To keep it more modern, though, you can express neutral colors with your heart. And putting a big heart design in the center of the wall can be the focus.

You do not have to stick to the bathroom to get this idea. You can also place modern heart designs on the kitchen’s backsplash. The mind can also go on the floor tiles. If you can open more of your modified projects, there are a lot of options.

Try the Classy Garden Accent
Another idea to decorate with your mind is to use it in the garden like the picture above. Valentine’s Day is still a cool part of most climates, so it’s a good idea to use this idea in house plants. Gardening can easily decorate a large flower pot.

The sculpture in the picture above is actually a great idea to keep your mind on the modern side. The rust texture provides an industrial design that fits well with the brick texture. But the heart can be so subtle and not too overwhelming in space like a bold red heart.

Create a photo collage
The above photo shows that you can create a heart shape in a creative way. This creative photo collage is a noble way to use a heart shape. It is also a cute, emotional way to display family photos as heart shapes.

Keep your photos flat, or attach them to a clean white canvas with a modern, minimal frame. So you can do this in the most modern and minimal space. When you create a large design, collage becomes an attractive focus in all areas.

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