Build your home emergency kit with this commodity

We must be prepared if we have a wide range of natural disasters and a huge number of disasters that affected the United States last year. When you see these events in the news, it can seem like it happens in parallel universe. However, when the disaster does not know when to knock on the door. For this reason, it is important to prepare a household emergency kit.

Last December, when we looked at the sky in orange, we were putting our Christmas tree on and enjoying a glass of light wine. In just a few hours we were off the path of Thomas Fire, California’s largest wildfire at the time. For a few days I thought of everything I thought was lost. Ultimately, our neighborhood was protected by the incredible efforts of firefighters. But it taught me a valuable lesson.

With this in mind, I started to assemble my home emergency kit. Based on my research and recommendations from various disaster preparedness agencies, there are seven items that should prepare and prepare all of these items.

Food and water
While disaster means evacuating us, it may also mean you have to take over the hatch. If you need to stay home and literally wait for the storm, you need food and water. It is good to drink enough water for three days to survive, and experts say it is enough to mean one gallon per person per day, experts say.

Prepare a lot of food that you can prepare without the heat source. And if you rely on an electric can opener, place the manual in an emergency preparedness area. In general, you should have enough food in the pantry to keep you up for a week and keep it in your bag for three days worth.

If you lose electricity, light will matter. Give your home emergency kit some other options. The flashlight is easier when you need to go outside, but the flashlight can do less to keep it looking normal. It is also convenient if you need to work with both hands.

We recommend mixing a spare battery with solar and battery operated lights. Throw a candle in the mix. You can add a calm feeling during an emergency and prevent you from having to use the battery in the dark.

One thing I wish I was ready to catch was a bag. It relieves stress when hurriedly opening the door. In addition to a few days of food supply, add some clothes and personal hygiene. Then add medication (7 days supply), cash and important personal documents.

This must include a birth certificate, a certificate of home, proof of insurance, a passport, and a Social Security card. If you use a filing system that normally keeps this document, keep it all in one folder. Then attach a visual reminder to your bag, such as the big yellow tag “DOCUMENTS”.

Mobile phone charger
Contacting loved ones in an emergency can be a tremendous amount of stress. Make sure you have a cell phone charger in your household emergency kit. I like to mix power sources like lighting. Batteries can come in at night, but if you can find sunlight, then solar energy is fundamentally infinite.

In case of a disaster, prepare your mobile phone as an essential tool. It’s a good idea to save notes on your phone that contain important emergency contact numbers such as local fire and police department numbers. Also, download some local maps so that you can access them even if cell services are down.

First aid kit
If a disaster comes your way, you can not predict what it will bring. When preparing your home emergency kit, you must prepare a first aid kit. It is also a good idea to install a small version in your car.

Hand crank radio
There is no stress as disasters come your way. I do not know what will come next. The hand-crank radio may be familiar to you. NOAA weather radios are a reliable option and can be obtained for $ 40 on Amazon. It is a small price to pay for information when that information can bring you peace of mind.

N95 Mask
In California, I learned the importance of the N95 mask to smoke and keep my lungs healthy. However, over the next few days since Thomas Fire, all of our local stores have been sold out of this mask completely. Have a box in your hand.

These are not just about fire. Disasters cause debris in the air or allow gases or fumes to escape into the atmosphere. Wear a mask to avoid respiratory illness.

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