Australian residences exhibit coastal design.

WA Country Builders completed the coastal design and development of Geographe Bay, Australia’s Dunsborough residence. In the distance, the appearance of the residence appears remarkably modern. To ensure a relaxed visual appeal, we have elements such as weather plates, stone and brickwork.

Inside, you’ll find eye-catching details from the beach-inspired lively mansions. “The entrance to the house is finished with high ceilings and provides openness throughout the home,” the architect said. “From the standpoint of your own personal master suite, you have a locker room and a bathroom.”

“The large freestyle living room is located in the center of the house and is easily accessible from all sides,” he adds. “It has a vast kitchen, a scullery and a dining area. The media room and laundry room is next to the free-form living room area.”

The large terrace offers an opportunity for outdoor family entertainment. The architect also placed three bathroom bedrooms in the back of the residence with no further open air noise. The overall layout takes these details seriously. This is to ensure a certain level of privacy with a fresh coastal design. Enjoy virtual tours! Photos and information from WA Country Builder

Take a look at the coastal design of this Australian home.

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